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Our firm has serviced the southwest for more than 16+ years working with financial institutions to provide compliance, internal audit, consulting, loan review, software development, and IT services! We are one of the few LOCAL firms who worked with CRB/MRB and are always on the cutting edge of compliance. Your institution services the community and, in turn, we encourage you to hire local firms grounded in that community! We provide onsite and on call experts to each client and continually invest in education, training, and research to stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Our goal is to keep your institution ahead of the curve and out of regulatory hot water. We offer community pricing well below those other big out-of-state firms tailored to your budget. The goal is to serve not profit. Our focus is to help guide your institution in the right direction. We are not only local, but a 100% minority owned business and our people are licensed or certified. 

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EVCU LLC P.O Box 9903 ABQ NM 87119

Please be sure to indicate if you were referred by the Credit Union Association of NM so they can receive a portion of the fees. 


Our innovative cash flow analysis software can spread a 1040 automatically, within seconds, and generate a cash flow spread. Add multiple borrowers, years, and even corporate forms. The system allows for side-by-side analysis of the tax return in an easy to use fill in the blank format. Produce accurate cash flows with our built in formulas and worksheets. Discover the feature in AI with our platform available in the Cloud or through direct download.  

Cash Flow Analysis Made Easy!

Our innovative consumer lending and risk-based pricing loan origination system takes you out of the box lending. Select from more than 40 different credit requirements, millions of tier settings, and pricing so advanced no other system compares. Solve your credit underwriting and pricing process with a terminal that is so easy to use no consumer lending experience is required, render a decision in minutes, and work from any device or any location seamlessly.

Consumer Lending Made Easy!

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